(Completed Project - 2006)

Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese refugees had been displaced internally within Lebanon and externally into Syria. At the time of a very fragile cease-fire, we acted quickly. Emergency funds were needed immediately to ship aid to countless numbers of people, many of whom had lost their homes.

In-country workers were carefully assessing the changing situation and the needs of the refugees. Even with a fragile truce in place, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people were going to suffer, until genuine stability had returned to the region. The news reported that refugees were returning, but it was mostly the men. They are leaving their wives and children behind in difficult circumstances as they returned home to assess if they even had homes waiting for them. People who knew the situation felt that thousands would suffer for many weeks without immediate intervention.

As a result, through GAiN Germany, we sent two containers of aid directly to the people. These were donated goods, which contained hospital beds, medical supplies, tents, nutritious baby food and shoes. One container was distributed to Lebanese refugees by our in-country staff, and one container was distributed jointly by our staff and local government authorities to the poor in Syria.