Ca-Ira Orphan’s Project

Situated on the coast of Leogane, Haiti exists Ca-Ira, an orphanage known for pouring out love and care for orphans and children from impoverished families. For years, this orphanage has saved countless children from starvation, sexual abuse and the lies of voodooism. Yet, on the 12th of January, 2010 Ca-Ira experienced a major setback to their mission. The two-story building that housed the living quarters for the children was completely destroyed by the destructive earthquake, killing five orphans and two of the orphanage staff members. The school center and the church that sheltered 220 pupils and 20 teachers also collapsed.

Today, the center has 75 children and 15 staff members. It is temporarily housed outside of Port-au-Prince in Tabarre, on a small property which has been given to the orphanage for two years. The girls sleep in a small 50m2 temporary wood shelter. The boys and members of staff are living in tents. In total, the property on which the orphanage is currently situated is less than 90m2 and lacks proper sanitation facilities. To help Ca-Ira return to the hope they once brought the children, we have partnered with the orphanage to reestablish a children’s village where

  • 144 children will find refuge
  • up to 700 students from nursery to vocational school will be able to get a high quality and practical education
  • hundreds of families will benefit through the medical center, school and the community outreach program
  • many staff and workers will find employment

“Our vision is to build a place for children where they can afford to be just children. We want to heal their sad pasts, and this goal can be accomplished by providing for their present and investing in their future,” shares Raphael Funk – COO of GAiN Germany.

Re-establishing Ca-Ira’s children’s village will take years. But, since approximately 1,000 people will directly benefit from this center as well as thousands of others living in the surrounding community, this project is a priority! Removing the burden of paying for education increases the number of poor children who attend school, helping to break the poverty cycle. Improving health services and nutrition will help mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and preserve human resources for the development of the country. Enabling widespread employment and training will help break the cycle of poverty. This is indeed is the long-term vision of the Ca-Ira Children’s Village. Children that used to be the hurting, vulnerable and needy will some day be the ones to bring about a change in their families and neighborhoods and start shaping a new Haiti.

With a phased approach to the building plan, we are committed to

  • sending LIFE Teams on short-term projects
  • mobilizing people, both experts and volunteers, who will stay long-term
  • involving other organizations and commercial companies
  • shipping necessary GIK, including furniture, clothes, food and other necessary items But, this is not possible without committed partners.