Relief & Development

Save Lives. Alleviate Suffering. Maintain Human Dignity.

Our vision is to restore people’s hope and dignity by
breaking the chains of oppression, injustice and calamity.

Syrian Refugee Relief

OCHA estimated that 13.6 million of Syria’s 22 million population was affected by the conflict and in need of humanitarian assistance, including 6.6 million internally displaced and 5 million who have escaped the violence in Syria and are living as refugees in neighbouring countries.

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Micro-enterprise Paraguay

A previously disenfranchised group of women has been empowered. They were condemned to a life of poverty, repeating a terrible - and often life-threatening - cycle through generations.

Now they are thriving and not just surviving! They have been given an opportunity to climb out of their difficult circumstances and become independent.

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Paraguay Aid

Through our local partner, Jesús Responde, we serve nutritious meals to approximately 25,442 children on a weekly basis at 446 Community Centres, which become a hub for the community.

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