GivingTuesday is “the opening day of the giving season.”

Black Friday/Cyber Monday are about deals, GivingTuesday is about giving back. In the same way that Black Friday opens the shopping season, GivingTuesday opens the giving season, uniting charities, companies and individuals in the spirit of giving. GivingTuesday is issuing an invitation to the entire charitable sector to participate - encouraging all Canadians to join in, give and volunteer for charities of their choice.

GivingTuesday proves that the holidays can be about both giving and giving back. It celebrates how Canadians can do more with their wallets than just shop – and that we can give as good as we get.

You don’t have to be a world leader or a billionaire to give back. GivingTuesday is about ordinary people coming together doing extraordinary things.

GivingTuesday is the perfect time for the world to come together and show how powerful humanity can be when we unite to give on one day.

This year, you can get involved in two ways:

1) Support #GivingTuesdayCa with the #UNselfie

Last year thousands of people told the world why they supported the causes they cared about by sharing an #UNselfie. This expression of giving took on a life of its own with world leaders and major celebrities joining everyday people to tell their giving stories.This year, tell your own giving story and motivate others.

So, how do I #UNselfie?

1) Take a “selfie” with a caption (or have it on a card in the picture) explaining how or why you and/or your friends are “giving” (or have given) to Global Aid Network this year.

2) Mention Global Aid Network Canada in your post by using either

- @GAiNCanada
- Global Aid Network Canada
- #GAiNCanada

3) Use the hashtags #UNselfie and #GivingTuesdayCa

4) Post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and then share with your friends and followers!


2) Give the Gift of Life

This year we have several giving options that have significant impact and help demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed.

Click here to check them out.


If you have questions about #GivingTuesday, click here for the FAQs.