Posted by Lindsey Schacter

Why Should I go to Paraguay?

Summer is coming. Days of sunshine and BBQ’s and time to relax with family and friends. As you look ahead and eagerly anticipate this season, I'd like to invite you to consider spending a week and investing your life in coming with GAiN to the Southern American country of Paraguay.

GAiN has been working in Paraguay since 2009 and every time our project staff return home from a visit to Paraguay, they speak time and time again of the life-change happening daily through the work of our partners in the field.

They tell of how women are gaining financial freedom/stability through receiving a microloan and being able to care for their families and provide them a future that was previously beyond their grasp. They tell me about how thousands of children are being fed weekly, and how these nutrition centers are now being called community centers, because they are having such an impact on the community around them. They tell me about how the partnership with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy is meeting their spiritual needs. 

You have an opportunity to go and to be a part of this.

As our LIFE Teams Manager, I get to talk with people and see them have a chance to invest their LIFE (their Labor, Influence, Finance and Expertise) in a country and to people desperately in need. I sit here and think about what’s going on in Paraguay and I am so thankful that as a staff member, I get to be a small part of spreading awareness about not only the needs, but also the joy and life change happening on a daily basis. I know that our teams make an impact when they go and faithfully serve.

We may never know all the impact our teams have. But I do know this, we need people to partner with us. We need people to come with us and to invest in and impact the lives of those we are so privileged to work with.

Why am I challenging you to consider Paraguay? Because I want you to see what God is doing there. I want your heart to be touched and impacted by the beautiful lives of people that are living in some of the most challenging situations. I want you to get a chance to be present with them, to hear their stories and to build into their lives.

We have an opportunity to send a team to serve and to speak and to tell their own stories of the faithfulness of what God is doing.

And I don’t want to miss out on that, do you? 

No! I want more info!


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