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What Would It Be Like?

by Mark Forman and Merita Scott -

“Come, girls. It’s time to walk to the train station,” called out their mommy. This was the normal morning conversation for the family of four.

Were they going somewhere on the train? No—they were headed to the train station platform where their father would play the flute and they would beg for food and money.

Why? The girls’ daddy was blind. He could not keep a job to earn enough to provide for his family.  At the same time, their mommy never attended school and couldn’t read or write, resulting in difficulty finding a job that offered decent pay. 

In India, it’s fairly common for people, especially those with disabilities, to beg for food and money in order to survive.  Since their mommy had to be his guide wherever he went, she took the girls to beg as well. 

Can you imagine this? What kind of life was this for these two small girls?

Nourishing food rarely made it to their plates, as they had to eat whatever small amounts of rice or flour people gave them, which meant their health was suffering.

Of course, the girls weren’t attending school much either because of this lifestyle. So what kind future lay ahead for them?

The parents knew something needed to be done. Their mommy heard of a place called Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, a 125 year-old grass-root level organization that Global Aid Network has come alongside and supported, that gave needy children a home and proper food as well as provided an education.

As a result, she brought the girls to Mukti for admission.

Today, both girls - Ranu and Archana - are now a part of the mission and living in the Rose Family Home.

Ranu studies in second grade in Mukti’s Marathi School. She bubbles with personality and seems to enjoy life at Mukti. Her little sister, Archana, still struggles to adjust as she misses her mommy and daddy. 

Poverty can tear families apart and make life extremely hard. But, because there is a loving place like Mukti Mission, impoverished children can have a caring home, good schooling and learn about God and His love for them.

Mukti Mission is celebrating 125 years of ministry. Would you like to help continue their legacy by bringing hope to other children like Ranu and Archana? 



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