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What is a LIFE Team?

Most people have a specific passion or interest. Usually those same people also have a component of their “LIFE” (whether Labor, Influence, Finance or Expertise) that they could contribute to a specific project.

A LIFE Team engages with people’s God-given desires and encourages them to go on an international project. Most often this acts as a first step in getting out of their comfortable surroundings and experiencing something much bigger than themselves. “If you’re looking for an opportunity to use your passion internationally or to have a chance to figure out what it is, then this is an ideal way to do it,” says Lindsey Davies – LIFE Teams Coordinator.

Teams max out at 15 people and vary in their focus, whether it is

•  medical & dental clinics
•  hygiene & sanitation training
•  construction
•  leader training
•  and many more

Global Aid Network is interested in helping others demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed, and therefore, has now incorporated regular LIFE Team projects into their activity.

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