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Water For Life Hits 100 In Benin

It has been 4 years since GAiN first started drilling in Benin.  February 2009 brought a major milestone as GAiN Canada drilled the 100th water well in Benin.  In Africa, the phrase “water is life” is commonly expressed, but is said with a sobering remembrance.  People routinely do go without easy access to water, and that water is most often ridden with diseases from unseen bacteria or parasites or contaminated by toxins through its exposure to traffic: animals, machines, and people.

In one village where a well had recently been drilled, one woman shared how this water had made a big difference in village life:

“Before we had this well, we had to walk far to get water that was brown and dirty, and sometimes it had dried up completely.  We knew that this water made us sick when we drank it, but we had no choice.  Water from this well is close by, easy to get, and is always clean!  We can be healthy again!”

What a privilege and a joy it was for us to be part of a ceremony in Benin with the Beninese Ambassador to Canada and the Beninese Minister of Water and Energy, celebrating the 100th well.  One hundred wells means that up to 100 000 people now have close access to fresh, clean water!  On that day, we and the Beninese could say with joy and relief, “Water is Life!”

Water is Life!  Please join us and help bring it to other villages in Benin, Tanzania, and Southern Sudan!

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