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Village Champion

“We feel good,” Cyprienne said, “because the water is clean; we feel good when we drink it.” With great force and passion she told us about how the clean water had brought a number of exciting changes in the village.

Through the community development trainings people’s bad habits are improving, whether it’s choosing more hygienic behaviors or taking care of one’s spouse. When we asked if she was aware of a group of family health advocates in her village, we realized that Cyprienne was one of those advocates, watching the behaviors of others, and reminding them what the trainings had taught them about hygiene and health.

Rattling off all that she remembered from the training, Cyprienne explained that it had changed the lives of many people in the village. It had also turned her into an advocate for change. “You should be clean,” is what she tells her neighbors, reminding them what they learned about hygiene and family health.

She talked about how, through the money they collected from the use of the water well, they could save money and start doing community projects in the village, like building latrines.

To the great joy and enthusiasm of Cyprienne, it's a big difference from the suffering that once was so common. Now she speaks with hope about the progress and community development in her village.

Providing the well in the village of Djidomey created champions of social change.

Will you help provide clean water to others like Cyprienne?

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