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Update from Dr. Glo in the Philippines

NOTE:  This is the latest update from Dr. Glo, who is in the field in Tacloban. Dr. Glo herself is a typhoon Yolanda survivor and lost all her belongings during the typhoon but thankfully her and her son, Hesedel, are alive today.

"We are now 16 days after Yolanda, economic activity is starting, mostly peddling in the market with fruits, vegetables, and fish but this is not a reliable source because up to now there are still dead bodies floating in the water. 

Now, the challenge is on the rehabilitation stage and the health needs; 

a. my arms and legs are like red polka dots many mosquitoes, good that malaria is not endemic here but dengue can be a challenge;

b. on and off weather especially it rains in the afternoon, upper respiratory infection is increasing

c. acute gastroenteritis due to lack of nutrition; proper food handling; lack of water supply

d. relief goods must continue because per relief only good for 2 -3 days then after that they need to secure for food again

e. site development of relocation sites; some are in tent camps, but we hope and pray for a permanent location and no build zone to areas prone to disaster, political will is an issue here

f.  wise use of money by the national government, many countries are giving funds to Yolanda stricken area that this will really be used for rehabilitation of the facilities especially lifelines such as hospitals , public health facilities, schools etc.

g. MOST IMPORTANT, which is the cry of my heart, how the situation can lead to transformation to take place in this city and region

Thank you for your prayers and support!"


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