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World Water Day: Time for Babies

To see the health a village, just look at the health of its children. 

In African society, the lack of clean water places a large burden on women because they are often tasked with the responsibility of collecting water for the family. 

So we were delighted when we visited the village of Kariakoo, Tanzania and asked how the addition of a deep-capped well has impacted the village. A woman in the crowd answered, "Now we have more time to make babies!"

This answer was met with a roar of laughter but as funny as the statement is, it is true. Her statement is a reflection of the impact that clean water can have, not just on one woman but on a family and a whole community. 

This lady wanted more children, but because of the hardships surrounding a lack of clean water, she didn't have the capacity, time or health to bear and care for another child. Now with the deep-capped well in place, she has improved health and more time to devote to nurturing her family.

Want to make a difference in the lives of families? This World Water Day, make a donation toward a water well to improve the lives and health of families!

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