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The opportunity to overcome

For 12 years now Lucia has worked as a single mother and is the sole provider for her household. She is the mother of two children - her older daughter is married and has twins while Lucia's young boy is only 12 years old and suffers from an intelectual disabillity.

Lucie is a seamstress and learned the trade as a young teenager. She has been blessed to receive much work from a transporation company and is currently making all the uniforms for their drivers.

"The loan that I received from Diaconia has been very important for me. With the working capital, I am now growing my business, and have been better able to provide for my family. It is very encouraging for me to meet and work with the women in my community. Since joining “The Overcomers” accountability group (which is a group of women who are currently receiving bi-weekly vocational training and a communal loan from Diaconia), I have met other women who are living in a similar situation, and by working together I have found a new strength!”

Today, Diaconia (a local Paraguay organization) is now serving and giving opportunities to 830 people.

GAiN has helped 155 women and continues to partner with Diaconia to demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed. To read more about our involvement, click here.



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