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Southern Sudan – Water Above Slows Accessing Water Below

This is the rainy season in Southern Sudan. While it can be good for growing crops, it makes drilling water wells more challenging. Heavy rain turns the clay roads into nearly impassable mud, slowing travel by the drill rig teams. It also makes the earth into a thick gumbo, increasing the difficulty for the working drill rigs. The drilling time increases, and so must the care taken by the drilling teams, in order not to work the equipment in ways that lead to overstress and mechanical failure. Given all that, we have drilled 8 wells in the last month, and currently there are 30 water wells in Southern Sudan, which bring new life and possibilities to up to 22 000 Sudanese! In much of Sudan, up to 25% of the general population still do not have access to safe water. Lack of water has lead to fights and even murders in the past, and the local government of Mundri county has expressed appreciation to our in-country partners for these wells, citing an almost palpable decline of social tensions as good water has become so much more available.

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