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Skills for a Lifetime

On May 21, Professor Sabina Cantero taught a course for the Development of Cleaning Products in Marquetalia, Paraguay. The teacher, who was very kind and hardworking, shared, “15 years ago, I learned to make cleaning products.
When my sister lost her job, I helped start a business with the preparation and sale of these products. We did door-to-door sales, and it paid really well.”

During the class, the teacher emphasized again and again that products must be prepared to be good quality and have a pleasant aroma, thus ensuring repeat customers. Professor Sabina had extensive experience in the development of these products and was eager to share her knowledge. “There is increasing competition in the cleaning product business, but there are few who make quality products, preferring instead to use less raw materials in order to save money,” shared Professor Sabina.

Diaconía ADP, GAiN’s micro-enterprise partner in Paraguay that provides microcredit and training programs to the poor, manages six micro-finance community groups in the Marquetalia area. The 15 women who participated in Professor Sabina’s course came from these six groups.

The course took place on the premises of a public school in the district where the women lived. The Director of the college was very involved and happy to serve the community in this way. Course content was divided into five sections: detergent, bleach, room deodorizer, fabric softener, shampoo and hair conditioner.

All of the women participated with great enthusiasm and interest. One participant said, “I will make these products and sell them in my pantry.” Another participant expressed, “I love this course. I learned a lot and want to implement it.”

On Wednesday, June 25, 12 of the 15 women graduated from the course.

Due to Diaconía’s monitoring participation and accountability measures, the course was a great success. The participants were extremely satisfied and interested in applying what they learned personally and professionally by opening a business venture to improve their quality of life.

Course administrators shared, “We thank the supporters of [Diaconía ADP]. Thank you for promoting and delivering such a critical tool as the formation of capacity and a skilled trade. Participants are now empowered with the opportunity to start a business that allows them to meet their families’ basic needs and fight poverty. Thank you very very much for giving hope to these women!”

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