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Over 100,000 dead following devastating earthquake

After Haiti was rocked by a 7.0 quake on Tuesday, GAiN is responding to the devastation with immediate financial aid and emergency response supplies.

We are already beginning relief efforts. Our local contact for Haiti, Esperandieu Pierre, is operational on the ground and deeply connected to a distribution network of churches and volunteers in the country. Esperandieu, who was out of the country at the time of the quake, is en route to Haiti with immediate financial aid.

GAiN is ready to deploy eight containers, each totaling $100,000 (CAN) worth of emergency relief supplies to Haiti. These containers are packed with food, medical supplies, water purifying tablets and other emergency response provisions. The cost to ship each container is $15,000. Six additional containers will be packed and shipped as soon as possible.

While early reports estimate the death toll could top 100,000, GAiN is coordinating efforts to help immediately and long‐term in Haiti. GAiN’s disaster response specialist, a trauma counselor and a Canadian GAiN representative will move into the country as early as Friday to help ongoing efforts as the needs escalate.

As the team in Haiti begins to mobilize,we are in need of urgent financial contributions in order to respond to the needs of the Haitians.

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