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Myanmar Cyclone Relief – Progress to Sept. 4, 2008

GAiN’s response is a united effort among offices in Australia, the US, Canada, Germany, and Holland. Thank-you for partnering with us to bring hope and help Cyclone Nargis victims rebuild their lives! Working together has enabled us to meet the following milestones:


  1. To date, $483,154 USD has been donated by compassionate partners like you!
  2. Seven 40 ft containers of humanitarian aid have arrived in Myanmar and are in the process of clearing customs and/or being transported to the affected area.
  3. Eight 40 ft containers from international GAiN offices are en-route to Myanmar and another 14 containers are being prepared shipping. The content of each container is valued @ $100k – $800k US)
  4. GAiN Worldwide was able to send a Natural Disaster Relief Expert to Myanmar and able to train more than 200 volunteers to help effectively distribute aid to victims
  5. 15 Relief Teams with more than 100 volunteers have been and are:
    • distributing the humanitarian relief goods (7 truck loads)
    • repairing and rebuilding houses, churches and roads
    • organizing worship and prayer services for the desperate and needy people in disaster areas
    • taking local medical teams into affected areas and treating patients
    • providing financial help to needy people as appropriate
  6. GAiN relief teams were able to feed and provide aid to thousands of refugees in the Maubin relief camp.
  7. GAiN relief teams were able to provide relief goods and able to feed 10,000 prisoners and prison guards and their families from 3 different locations affected by the cyclone.
  8. GAiN Worldwide had the unique privilege of donating 50 new hospital beds to the Insein prison on the 4th of August, home to around 6800 inmates.
  9. GAiN Worldwide was able to send a Water Purification System Expert to Myanmar and train 50 volunteers to set up water purification units. That team was able to set up 7 purification units in 7 different villages in the affected Delta Region. Each $2000 unit provides clean water to an entire village without any ongoing cost.
  10. GAiN worldwide is rebuilding in 6 adopted villages in Pyapon area. To date, 2 new schools have been completed and students are attending classes there. Another 2 schools are expected to be finished this month with another 2 schools scheduled to start construction soon.
  11. GAiN Worldwide was able to distribute 1,500 backpacks to the students from six schools in the six adopted villages. Each backpack contained stationery items, a rain coat and a colorful booklet of 25 Bible stories.
  12. GAiN Worldwide was able to distribute 750 rice bags worth USD $10,000 to the students and villagers in six villages.
  13. GAiN Worldwide is rebuilding 120 houses in the following villages;
    • Thalate Kyee
    • Thalate Lay
    • Thalate Chaung Pya
    • Thalate Tu Myaung
    • Pho Swar
    • Mae Nyo



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