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Mukti recognized for their work in social justice

"Your tireless efforts to provide a Christ-centered home where destitute women and children irrespective of their background are accepted, cared for, and transformed and empowered to liberate them from the clutches of destitution and hopelessness has become a very powerful witness of proclaiming the gospel in a world of total indifference," shares Dr. Abraham Mathai, President of Harmony Foundation.

Dr. Mathai continues with "[we appreciate] your active role in helping the discarded find meaning and purpose for their lives."

On November 28th, 2012, the Harmony Foundation hosted the fifth "Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice" in Mumbai, India. This year, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission was given the award.

The Award has been instituted in memory of Mother Teresa; one of the few gems in the legacy of the world who shines bright for the cause of social justice, and that has a life story that was set against the backdrop of the poor and destitute of India.

This accolade was created to honour commendable efforts by NGOs, other organizations and people who have endeavored in bringing justice to the poor and downtrodden of society; thereby creating a greater involvement in social causes.

Lorraine Francis, Mission Director at Mukti, shared: "This award is one of the highlights for Mukti, especially as we have registrations pending with the Government. Who knows for such a time like this, the Lord has opened this wonderful avenue for us."

For over 123 years, Mukti has been caring for Indian woman and children from its base at Kedgaon in Pune, India. Their mission continues to be focused around bringing hope and creating a positive future for those that come to the mission.

At the end of November 2012, Mukti's International Conference, which occurs every three years, was held. Delegates from England, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada were present. During the conference, Mukti's vision was shared, future projects were explained, and a tour of the dairy farm, agricultural fields and the various homes was given.

Aaron Rogers, COO for GAiN Canada, attended the conference and commented: "After the first day, I gained a far deeper appreciation for the work of Mukti. Seeing first-hand the various types of projects they have on the go as well as hearing the vision they have to move Mukti forward in different areas in India, especially in regions where there are unreached people groups, was very encouraging."

During his time at the mission, Rogers also met several girls who have been impacted by Mukti. One that stood out to him was Mukta, a girl who is doing her masters, just received facial reconstruction surgery, and recently started a small business (along with two other girls from Mukti) to make jewelry, purses, etc.; generating a revenue stream for Mukti. "It was a blessing to see her," says Rogers. "Had Mukta not been at Mukti, who knows what her future would have looked like. Mukti is a partner we want to be associated with."

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