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Mamta Sadan (Home of Kindness)

In India, women with mental illness can experience ridicule and community ostracism. Their fates are often cruel - they may be abandoned by family members to fend for themselves or end up in often understaffed institutions where their basic rights and human dignity are at risk. Without a home and supportive community, they are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Mukti Mission takes in such women and offers them safety and community.

The Mamta Sadan (Home of Kindness) offers shelter, food security and medical care - but more than this Mamta Sadan provides a place where the women can belong and be loved.

The women of Mamta Sadan are encouraged to participate in the daily activities of Mukti Mission and be contributing members of the community.

If you would like to come alongside Mukti Mission and sponsor a woman, click here.


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