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Knit by God

On February 24, 2011, a precious little girl was born. Unfortunately, her lip and the roof of her mouth were not fully formed and closed, leaving her with a cleft palate. Because of this, she could not suck milk and therefore was not getting enough nourishment and was always hungry. All day and night she would cry. Her parents didn’t know what to do. They realized she probably would not live if they didn’t get help.

As a result, they brought her to Mukti Mission, a 120+ grass-root level organization that Global Aid Network has come alongside and supported. Once this sweet little baby arrived at Mukti, many residents and staff at Mukti would come to the Mukti hospital to cuddle her, coo and smile at her, and pray over her. They nicknamed her Praisey, praying her life would praise and honor the Lord Jesus.

Specialists at a hospital in a nearby city assured Mukti staff that surgery was available to correct her lip and mouth, but only when Praisey was strong enough and had gained more weight.

In the meantime, the medical staff at Mukti Hospital loved teeny-tiny Praisey. They worked hard to feed her through a special tube to her stomach and prayed that her limp, way-too-thin body would gain weight and strength.

One of GAiN’s LIFE Teams came to Mukti during this time and met Praisey. “She was an absolute joy; always smiling and eager to interact with those around her. Even with her cleft palate, you could tell that she was delighted with the company and care,” shares Lindsey Schacter - LIFE Teams Manager. 

Finally, the day came when the doctors said she was strong enough to have the first surgery to repair her lip.

Much prayer went up for Praisey and for the doctors doing the surgery. Her weight had dropped, but it was felt that once the stitches were removed from her lip, she would be able to eat even better.

After the removal of her stitches, new efforts began to increase her ability to take in food and nourishment. 

The doctors agreed to perform the next surgery, which involved closing up the roof of her mouth, when Praisey could maintain a weight of about 20 pounds (8 to 9 kgs).

Although she was much smaller than other babies her age in Mukti’s nursery, Praisey was full of life; turning and rolling on the nursery mat, enjoying the love and attention of the staff and visitors. Due to her slow start, Praisey still isn’t walking or talking yet. But, she loves to grasp onto objects and toys and investigate things that catch her alert, roving eyes!

One of the nurses, Kunda, who also came to Mukti as a young child, has been especially drawn to her. “When Praisey first arrived at the hospital,” Kunda explains, “I saw the face of Jesus reflected in her face, and my heart warmed to this broken, little life.” Kunda, as the others at Mukti, take care of Praisey with the love and kindness that comes from the heart of Jesus.

While Praisey badly needs to gain weight and strength that come from nourishing food, of equal importance to her is the loving family who surrounds her at Mukti. Praise God who ‘knit’ Praisey according to His special creation pattern and has a wonderful plan for her life.


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