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Haiti – The Helpless Find Strength Through Aid

Cabaret is one of the towns battered by the hurricanes that recently swept through Haiti, leaving thousands destitute. It has a population close to 300,000 and sustained the following damage:

  • Persons left homeless – 20,356.
  • Families that have lost everything – 4,212
  • Dead – 66 (including 35 children)
  • Injured – 309
  • Missing – 19
  • Houses destroyed – 410
  • Houses damaged – 1,250

With these tragic needs in only one city, the Haitian government is unable to respond to the needs of the thousands of people throughout the island, including Gonaives, Jacmel, Hinche etc..

With of the compassionate partnership of people like you, GAiN has been able to provide funding to our in-country partners who are cooperating in teams with local churches and are responding to meet people’s needs in Cabaret and in other areas. The emergency response packages being distributed contain rice, beans, pasta, cooking oil, canned fish, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other hygiene items. The food portion of the packages provides a family of 5 with enough for a week.

Last week, a team of 13 distributed 215 packages to needy people in the Cabaret area. Also last week our in-country team was present for the “wake” which is a traditional Haitian way of mourning the dead, preceding the funeral for all those killed by the huricanes.

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