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A Treasure

by Mark Forman and Merita Scott -

Three-year-old Jitu was born into a life of poverty and sadness.

When he was only one month old, his mom ran off and didn’t return. She had made terrible choices with her life, causing heartache and suffering for her family.

As Jitu grew up, his dad found life hard too. He couldn’t find a proper job to provide enough money for his family. Each day he would struggle with just surviving; let alone caring for a newborn baby. 

Jitu’s life was very different than other  children his age. Fortunately, this is when Jitu and Mukti Mission’s paths crossed.

Mukti Mission is a 125-year-old grass-root level organization that Global Aid Network has come alongside and supported. With a vision of providing a “Christ-centred home where destitute women and children irrespective of their background are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society”, Jitu found a place of refuge.

While Jitu’s father is still allowed to visit him whenever his is physically able to, Jitu now lives at Mukti and receives loving care, support, and education. 

Everyone, from the Mission Director to the smallest girl at Mukti Mission, adores him. In fact, most all the children at Mukti are girls so the little boys are special! He runs around campus making motorcycle sounds and can rarely stay still for one moment! Jitu is treasured by the staff at Mukti’s English-Medium School where he is in the Nursery Class.

Today, Jitu’s future looks hopeful. He can play like the other children do as well as receive mentoring, guidance and practical help as he looks toward fulfilling God’s purpose for his life.


Mukti Mission is celebrating 125 years of ministry. Would you like to help continue their legacy by bringing hope to other children like Jitu?



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