Posted by Tim Lee

A day in the field

It was quite a special day today. It's funny because the day before, the LIFE Team was talking about holding things with an open hand and practicing flexibility.

The day started out as the house stopped having electricity and then the generator wasn't working properly. No problem I thought, we can make it work.

But, then I looked outside and it was POURING rain with thunders and lightning. I wondered if it would stop.

So, we went on and got on our day. Originally we were prepared to go at 8am, but we couldn't leave until 10am because our Country Manager, Patrice, had some problems with paper work for the rig.

We went on, found out the air condition stopped working and then half way on the road...the bus stopped working. Apparently, the timing belt was broken. So we had to wait to get it repaired. We first were outside by the side of the road cause it was a bit of a sauna inside, but then the rain moved to the area. It was pouring down, which meant we had to go back to into the bus. We waited for close to 2 hours and the rain was so bad that it was beginning to flood. The mechanic couldn't go beneath the bus to do the repair and for some reason, they started the car and was able to drive a block down to the local garage.

All this happened in the torrential downpour.

Our Country Manager then arranged another car to pick us up and continue on the journey. Finally, we got to the place where the rig was drilling and continued on with our program. Originally, we planned to go to 3 villages. But, due to the day, we were only able to see one of the villages. However, we are still thankful that we got to see at least the drilling of one water well.

I guess the message of flexibility and 'things not going as planned' is a message for the students and for me. We can plan every detail but in actuality, we never know what the day might hold. Thankfully we are all safe and we saw a village that is in need of clean water.

Have you ever had one of those days?  Did it turn out to have a blessing in disguise?


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