Posted by Tim Lee

A brighter day

After yesterday's little hick up. I am glad today went a whole lot better.

We ended up using two GAiN vehicles and also rented an eight-seater suv for our travel. I am really glad we got them. There were moments where the driver just repeated 'c'est pas possible' and then squealed. 

We arrived at the village of agboehoue (drilled in april) and started working. We were divided in groups and did different components of the concrete pad. It was generally a great experience, some played with the children and the other team members just tag-teamed shoveling the concrete to the form.

By the grace of God, the weather was quite nice. Hot and humid, but with breeze and cloudy breaks.

In the afternoon, we went to the nearby school field to watch the kids games, one of the student matt, shared his story during the games. I would guess there were 80-90 people present.

Hailey, one of the more expressive in the group, said "this is literally the best day". 

Students were definitely challenged in how they look at poverty and seeing how fortunate that they are. Some were a bit emotional when they left the village. Many of them said it was surreal and so different than what you see on tv. 

Today, we are doing another concerete pad in Togbomey and excited to see what the day holds.



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