Our Partners

We strive to innovatively link individuals and groups worldwide, sourcing critical commodities and mobilizing people for an effective response. As a result, we work to eliminate the duplication of services amongst aid organizations by cooperating and working together with like-minded agencies. We believe that unity of strengths and resources of each partnering agency focuses effectively into a single, efficient, global effort.

Networking and partnerships with organizations and individuals is only part of the success in our response to help the needy in any country. Merely delivering aid is not always enough. Often the ground must be prepared first by forming relationships with government leaders and other key decision makers to foster an atmosphere of openness and trust before aid or development work can begin. Our partnerships are maximized by good relationships with government leaders and key decision makers in-country. The effect is catalytic; it boosts the flow of progress & escalates effectiveness of short-term relief & long-term development.

Every project we conduct would not be possible without those who give to each initiative; whereby making each donor our partner too!

Our Current Partners:

Power to Change
Fraser Valley Gleaners
Jesus Responde
Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission
RWSN Member Organisation
GAiN Germany
GAiN Netherlands
GAiN Korea
Clean Water For The Children
Government of Canada