Our Values

  • Demonstrating God's Love and Compassion

Sharing the transforming message of God's love is foundational to our work and is a guiding principle for all its activities. We remain impartial and non-discriminant in the delivery of aid, but we desire that communities will hear about God's love.


  • Long­‐term Commitment

Our projects are not about quick wins, but rather about long-term successes. We want to ensure that the benefits of our work lasts over time and allows local communities to develop their own unique economies in a sustainable manner, without becoming dependent on us.


  • Empowering the Local Church

We intentionally promote the local church as a key partner and allow it to be seen as the centre for community development. Word and deed is intentionally integrated into all we do.


  • Developing Indigenous Ownership

We value the idea of locals helping locals. Our preference, when possible, is the Field Office model. In the process, we bring needed employment, develop local expertise and operate as an economic engine in the countries and communities where we work. Our offices set up local boards for accountability and council. Local staff are empowered to manage the local organization, with high degree of accountability. We mentor and train local staff to develop their capacity. Partnerships are also developed for relief and development that will be sustained locally. In summary, our humanitarian work benefits the local economy and avoids being colonial.


  • Promoting Sustainable Development

We constantly research and employ the best practices in our programs to ensure success over time and provide long-lasting benefits. Our desire is that our intervention would serve as a catalyst for communities to flourish. We strive to avoid dependency on us or aid in general.