Our Financial Commitment

Your financial support is very important to us. But, more importantly, it is essential to the people who are hurting and in need.

Therefore, it is our commitment to you that we will continue to take every step necessary to ensure your money is used in a responsible and integral manner.

First and foremost, we always ensure that we have a local partner that we trust and that is on the ground. Their responsbility is to

  • report back to us,
  • fill out reports and stats,
  • ensure event/distribution/etc. occurs,
  • take pictures, and
  • gather receipts on any purchases.

One example of where we conduct additional steps (to the ones listed above) is with our water strategy. With every well that is provided, we also gather the

  • GPS coordinates of each well,
  • test the water of the well,
  • train a water committee to ensure that maintenance is regularly conducted on the well,
  • record a video of the well and the village,
  • install a plate on the well, and
  • gather all of the specs of the well (such as depth)


If you have any questions, click here to contact us.