Q: Who is Global Aid Network (GAiN)?
A: Global Aid Network (GAiN) is a worldwide humanitarian relief and development organization dedicated to bringing hope and tangible help to the poor and the suffering. GAiN’s mission is to demonstrate the love of God – in word and deed – to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects.

Q: Is GAiN associated with Power to Change?
A: GAiN is the the humanitarian partner of Power to Change. However, GAiN operates a separate NGO (non-government organization) with separate financials, reporting, etc.

Q: Is GAiN a registered NGO (non-government organization)?
A: Yes. Our status as a CIDA-approved (Canadian International Development Agency) NGO multiplies financial contributions to approved projects in eligible countries and territories, and allows us to apply for government grants toward emergency disaster relief. Our registration is #890240997 RR 0001.

Q: Do I receive a tax receipt for my donations?
A: Yes GAiN is a charitable non-government organization and our registration is #890240997 RR 0001.

Q: What is the minimum donation required for a tax receipt?
A: $25

Q: What if I can't donate online?
A: There are 2 additional ways that you can send a gift.

1) By Phone:  Call 1 877 462-4246 and ask for GAiN Donation Department

2) By Cheque:  Make cheques payable to Global Aid Network and mail to

 Global Aid Network
 20385 64th Avenue
 Langley, BC V2Y 1N5

Q: How many staff does GAiN have?
A: About 32 Canadian and roughly 85 nationals (largest being our water strategy).

Q: What does LIFE in LIFE Teams stand for?
A:  L=Labour, I=Influence, F=Finance, E=Expertise

Q: Has GAiN been involved in disaster reliefs before?
A: GAiN started in 1998 and has a long history of being involved in helping with famines, natural disasters, injustice and endemic poverty. Their first project delivered food, water, clothing and shelter to survivors of Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua. Since then, they’ve sent millions of dollars worth of food, water, clothing and shelter to disasters in the following countries: Turkey, Afghanistan, Mozambique, India, El Salvador, Haiti, Liberia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Myanmar, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nepal, Fort McMurray (Canada), Syria and Iraq.


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